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Balancing profitability across product lines and markets

A $1.5B privately held international assistance company offering global travel insurance needed to re-allocate its mix of insurance offerings in order to balance profitability. The international travel insurance market is heavily regulated and utilized in Asia, and most especially in Japan where there is upwards of a 90% market penetration amongst all travelers. However, new regulations in the country left one service product line exposed, underperforming, and unprofitable. Our executive developed a strategy to analyze the current product offerings across 70 countries, determine the profitability in each, and take appropriate action to ensure lines of services remained viable and strong. 

A decommissioning of certain sectors of the insurance line seemed inevitable. The task involved communicating with the 20M consumers who purchased this particular insurance via one of 14 ‘enablers’ who relied upon the international healthcare network of this assistance company. After an eight-month analysis, plan, and fruitful execution, one product line was completely restructured resulting in a rebalancing of profitability across the insurance line, raising profitability in one country by 21%.

Our executive took the following actions:
  • Analyzed current market trends in the international travel insurance market.
  • Coordinated an international team of 100 in 70 countries to determine appropriate course of action and resulting reactions.
  • Drafted multi-language communication for 20M travelers on every continent.
  • Implemented operations protocols for three international call centers in Europe, Asia, and North America.
  • Rebuilt and right-sized the international healthcare provider network of 70,000 providers who offered medical support to travelers. 
  • Improved country-level operating profit 21%.

The company reallocated its insurance offerings, rebalanced its profitability within the sector, and retained a 98% client satisfaction rating. 

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